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Your Guide to Using The Latest Computers and NUC Technologies for Industries

Your Guide to Using The Latest Computers and NUC Technologies for Industries

May 12, 2020

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When it comes to the latest computer technologies, the applications of NUC (Next Unit of Computing) devices are virtually limitless. From small business to major commercial installations, NUC computers can help save time, money, and effort. While NUCs have plenty of valuable uses in traditional office settings, home entertainment systems, and in high-performance gaming, these powerful computers are arguably even more equipped for work than play. Developed in partnership with Intel and operating at the cutting edge of computer innovation, the NUC devices from EWC Tech offer a host of applications across a wide array of industries.

Benefits of NUC Tech for Industries

Before we dive into some of the top industrial applications of NUCs, it’s useful to take a look at why NUCs are often preferred to traditional computing devices. Here’s a quick general overview of why NUCs are so beneficial to consumers:

EWC Tech Intel Bean Canyon 8th Gen NUC with I7 Processor


Compared to traditional computing set-ups, the latest computer technologies often trend toward NUC devices. One of the major factors driving this tendency is cost. By focusing on high-powered performance and eliminating unnecessary bells and whistles, NUCs can reduce overhead and smartly consolidate expenses, both in terms of equipment costs and ongoing IT support.


Unlike one-size-fits-all computing solutions, NUCs are ideal for a broad range of applications. With a compact, easy-to-install format, NUC computers can be used virtually anytime, anywhere.

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Size and Power 

With an average motherboard size of about 4 inches by 4 inches, it’s no wonder that the latest computer technologies skew toward NUCs. Whether the application is signage, a work station, or mobile computing set-ups, the relatively small size of NUCs allows them to be placed virtually anywhere, with simple installation and minimal impact. Also, don’t be fooled by the diminutive size of NUCs. These little computers pack a major punch when it comes to computing ability.


Aisle with Archival Boxes and Folders on Shelves

With a compact configuration, low operating temperatures, and the quietest fans on the market, NUCs are ideal for companies with a minimalistic approach to technology. They can be easily concealed or incorporated into an existing operating set-up. For those who prefer that their tech devices be neither seen nor heard, NUCs are a favorite among the latest computer technologies for businesses and individuals alike.


Every industry is different, and businesses can vary wildly in their technological needs. To that end, NUCs favor custom solutions. Aspects that can be tailored to your needs include processing power, RAM, accessories, upgrades, and pre-installed operating systems.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) Capability 

EWC Tech Intel Dawson Canyon Enterprise NUC with I5 vPro Processor

One of the latest computer technologies to make a splash in the computing world is PoE technology. This patented capability, developed in partnership with Intel, allows for both electrical and data transfer over an ethernet cable, eliminating the need for more complicated, expensive, and cluttered accessories. This system helps minimize power usage while improving connectivity, making it a go-to for users across a range of industries.

Now that you’re a bit more familiar with the major benefits of NUCs for businesses, let’s explore how this technology is transforming some of the top industries and how you might consider amplifying your business with the use of NUC tech.

Vertical Electric Sign Outside Business

Digital Signage

From high-powered LED displays to carefully orchestrated screen projections, NUCs for digital signage are transforming the way that information is visually conveyed to customers. Among the latest computer technologies to streamline digital signage, NUCs offer two especially attractive qualities: reduced cost and minimal space requirements. These qualities are essential for both indoor and outdoor signage, especially when space is a factor, and can have a major impact on electrical expenses over time. Whether you’re looking to furnish an impressive 24-hour sign display or more efficiently and reliably control your present system, NUCs can offer the perfect solution.


Classroom with Computers and Projector

Technology has been a mainstay of the modern classroom for decades, but never before has it been quite so essential. As more educators rely on computers for instruction, institutions are looking for creative and effective ways to implement the latest computer technologies both in and out of the classroom. For instructors currently teaching from home, NUCs can be a great way to enhance computing power and ensure superior connectivity across a range of devices. For students, NUC tech makes adding new computer-based operations to the curriculum a breeze. For schools and other educational venues, NUC technology for education can help to create a unified platform across which file-sharing, communications, and other aspects of learning are easier and more reliable than ever before.

Fleet Vehicles

Fleet of White Vans in Parking Lot

At present, the use of fleet vehicles is arguably more important than ever. Transportation of goods – both local delivery services and long-distance transport – is vital to supporting consumers and sustaining the economy. In terms of the latest computer technologies, NUCs for fleet vehicles are among the most important devices in this crucial industry. Beyond the obvious benefits of minimal space and power consumption, NUCs require minimal maintenance, and they are easy to install across an entire fleet of vehicles.

Government Work

NUCs for government applications can provide a much-needed boost to efficiency and technological performance, all while reducing taxpayer expenses and overhead costs. By implementing the latest computer technologies, government offices can enjoy a more effective, streamlined workflow than is generally possible with traditional set-ups. Best of all, state-of-the-art technical support helps build constituent trust while maximizing the efficacy of government communications and operations. For smaller offices, the ability to use NUCs as mini servers provides an added potential benefit.


Healthcare Worker Typing on Laptop Next to Stethoscope

One of the most essential uses of the latest computer technologies – especially NUC computers – is in the healthcare sector. From doctors’ offices and nursing stations to medical equipment that operates on computer technology, efficient hardware isn’t just more convenient for medical workers, it can help save lives. NUC technology can also have a significantly positive impact on hospital and medical center budgets. With a reduced energy footprint, trustworthy construction, and simple maintenance that reduces the need for third-party electricians and IT professionals, NUCs are uniquely positioned to transform technology in the healthcare industry.


For restaurateurs, hotel and bar managers, and other leaders in the hospitality space, speed and smoothness of operations are key. Whether you’re running a small local business or an international chain, efficiency begins with state-of-the-art computing systems. At the center of latest computer technologies are NUCs, which serve as an ideal match for the spatial versatility and aesthetic considerations of service industry environments. With a variety of custom RAM, storage, and operation system specifications, no hospitality business is too big or too small to benefit from cutting-edge NUC tech.

Row of Slot Machines in a Casino

Casino Gaming

In an industry defined by the bold and extensive use of electricity in entertainment, efficient power usage is essential. NUCs maximize performance while minimizing power usage, which can add up to massive savings in electricity costs over time. Another major advantage of utilizing NUC technology in casino gaming is the presence of fewer cables and wires. The latest computer technologies favor simplicity and ease of use, and NUCs are no exception. Simple, low-cost devices make it easier than ever to standardize the use of NUCs across a range of machines and gaming areas for a more manageable – and cost-efficient – system of operation.

Video Surveillance

Security is at the core of video surveillance NUCs. With outstanding technical support backed by Intel, as well as high-quality materials and expert construction, NUCs from EWC Tech represent the latest in computer technology. Whether you’re outfitting your business with an entire suite of security cameras, or simply looking to reduce your energy output while standardizing a surveillance system, NUCs offer the ideal blend of excellent user experience and superior reliability.

EWC Tech Intel Hades Canyon 8th Gen NUC with Overclocked I7 Processor

Video Editing

For hobbyists and professional video editors alike, NUCs can provide a powerful solution to faulty connections, sluggish file transfers, and lagging in-program editing operations. With the right hardware, both real-time editing, large format rendering, and file exports are a breeze. For editors with limited space in the editing bay, NUC set-ups can help to maximize space while reducing extraneous cables and wires. For creative businesses with multiple editing stations, NUC computers are an easy way to create a uniform cross-platform system for top-tier results.

Custom Embedded Project NUCs

Modern Office Desk with Multiple Computers and City View

Embedded projects are the perfect place for the latest computer technologies to shine. Whether you’re a professional engineer or just starting out in the industry, real-time responsiveness is essential. As is true in a number of industries, both solo workers and employee teams can benefit from the high-caliber performance and streamlined efficiency of NUC systems. As you create content and develop your craft, take advantage of the best in high performance and low overall cost, and enhance your productivity with custom RAM, storage, operating systems, and upgrades. (For help selecting the right specifications, you can explore our helpful guide to NUCs in the EWC Technologies Knowledge Base.)

Using the Latest Computer Technologies

Man with Headset Works on Multiple Monitors in Large Control Center

The combination of maximum performance with minimal space has been a cornerstone of the partnership between EWC Technologies and Intel. Finding the right NUCs for your business can be something of an art form, which is why we’ve created more options than ever before to suit a variety of industries and applications. We’re proud to have partnered with Intel to develop some of the most cutting-edge computing technologies businesses are using today. Our products are backed by the expertise of our knowledgeable customer support staff and an accessible knowledge base. To support the quality of our products with an unrivaled customer experience, we offer fast, reliable shipping and hassle-free returns. From streamlined devices to the most robust computing equipment on the market, we’re confident that you’ll find the solutions you need in our selection of the latest computer technologies.

Find the Right NUC for Your Business

EWC Tech Intel Arches Canyon NUC with Celeron Processor

At EWC Technologies, we’re dedicated to helping businesses and individuals find the perfect devices to match their needs, settings, and budgets. We also offer affordable bulk pricing to make transforming your business even easier. Each of the devices we sell is backed by a warranty and technical support from Intel, so you can shop with confidence.

For questions regarding our current selection of the latest computer technologies, you can reach us by phone at 801-948-8898 or contact our team. You can also connect with us virtually – and explore the latest in NUC tech – on Facebook and LinkedIn. We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you take your business to the next level.

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