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Power Over Ethernet

Power-over-Ethernet: The Benefits of PoE


Power-over-Ethernet devices, or PoE-enabled devices, describes any device connected to a system which passes both electric power and data over Ethernet cables. This allows for a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to devices. These devices often include wireless access points, IP cameras, VoIP phones, and NUCs. PoE networks are defined by IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards (known as PoE+, which can provide up to twice as much power as a single Power over Ethernet cable).

What are the Benefits of PoE?

Adopting Power-over-Ethernet offers a number of advantages to any business, from increased flexibility in your network placement and capabilities to long-term cost savings and energy conservation.

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    Cost Savings When applied to a business application, a PoE system can save you money on cable for your networking equipment, as the system allows for a single cable to transmit both power and data.

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    Ease of Expansion Power over Ethernet makes the installation and expansion of your existing network easier and more affordable, specifically in spaces where the installation of new wires or power lines is expensive or impractical.

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    Flexibility PoE gives you more flexibility when it comes to the placement of your devices, as you can position those devices in places where it would be otherwise difficult or inconvenient to install standard power lines.

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    Time Savings With PoE, you don’t need to wait for an electrician to install a new network of wires in your building; your PoE infrastructure can easily be expanded without a professional present.

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    Smaller Footprint PoE can help you conserve valuable real estate and reduce your hardware footprint by eliminating the need for numerous cables, wires, and outlets in server rooms, storage closets, or wherever your house your computing equipment.

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    Reliability Because the power of your PoE network comes from a universally compatible source as opposed to numerous individual wall adapters, it increases the reliability of your network.

Common Power Over Ethernet Devices


There are an increasing number of common Power-over-Ethernet devices which take advantage of this single data and power cabling technology. However, there are currently three primary applications:

  • Wireless Internet Setups Your Wifi, RFID readers, and Bluetooth access points are typically Power-over-Ethernet compatible. This allows you to place these devices in areas away from standard AC outlets if necessary.
  • IP Cameras In contrast to traditional closed-circuit security cameras, IP security cameras running on PoE can be deployed quickly and their location adjusted easily for better protection and coverage.
  • VoIP Phones With PoE, VoIP phones have a single connection to a wall socket (rather than distinct power cable and Ethernet cable). This was what PoE was originally developed for and is still common today.
  • POS Systems Remotely operated point of sale (POS) systems can benefit from the flexible placement of PoEs.
  • Next Unit of Computing (NUCs) Our enterprise-level small form-factor computers can be customized to run off of PoE, offering additional cost-savings and enhanced security without sacrificing power or performance.

How To Upgrade to PoE

If you’re looking to adopt Power-over-Ethernet devices for your business, you may be wondering, “how do I switch to PoE?” There are a couple of relatively easy ways to make the transition, each involving the addition of a simple component to your existing system:

PoE Switch These are components that attach to your Ethernet source and your power source, then serve as a single source of both data and power for your PoE devices. These can be simple, small single port units or large-scale, multi-port units for more complex applications.

PoE Injector This is a midspan component that can be used to upgrade standard LAN installations to Power-over-Ethernet. With this method, you simply patch any network connection you want to receive PoE through the midspan.

Exclusive “Network Powered” PoE Solutions

At EWC Technologies, our exclusive “Network Powered” Power-over-Ethernet NUC solutions offer numerous benefits for businesses of every size. With “Network Powered” PoE featuring our Intel NUC systems, you can reduce the costs of electrical installation and maintenance, reduce or eliminate additional AC wiring for computers, save a great deal of space with the combination of the single cable solution and small form factor computer, and optimize your energy usage to save valuable resources. Plus, you can enhance your IT security when you deploy a single, secured power + ethernet CAT-based cable and create a centralized hub for your power management featuring an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

It’s the smarter solution your business needs to stay secure, efficient, and well ahead of the competition. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of PoE technology, contact our team today to learn more or to get started with a free, no-obligation demonstration.

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