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Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. If your question isn’t listed, please contact us today for an answer.

Q: Can you customize a solution for my needs?

Yes. As long as our technology is designed to serve your application, we can tailor a solution for your requirements. Our hardware is available in a multitude of models with a variety of options to meet your needs.

Q: How quickly can you provide a demo?

After we learn your needs, we can deliver a demo in as little as two days, beating the industry standard by a significant amount of time.

Q: How long can I operate your demo?

Our demos last two weeks. Thanks to the simplicity and user-friendliness of our solutions, using your custom spec’d solution for two weeks is plenty of time to appreciate the benefits.

Q: Is there downtime for integrating your solutions?

In practically all situations, our solutions provide the quickest deployment, lowest operational overhead and least down time of any solution in the industry, even more so with our POE powered NUC models. This is why we assume all risks associated with the business uptime of our solutions.

Q: Do you offer bulk purchase options?

Yes. We realize that your hardware migration may require implementing multiple units simultaneously. Our bulk processing and imaging services help to facilitate large deployments of computer nodes.  

Q: Do you sell computers for personal use?

Yes. Although our solutions are primarily used by businesses, you may purchase an EWC integrated NUC computer for personal needs.

Q: Do you offer keyboards or other accessories?

Yes. Although we don’t offer them for direct sale through our website, we can supply keyboards, mice, cables, adapters, and monitors as part of a bundle when purchasing one or more NUC systems.

Q: Do you offer hardware that is refurbished?

No. We only offer new hardware that contains best-in-class technology and is at the forefront of products for our industry.  

Q: What is your shipping and returns policy?

Our shipping and returns policy is detailed on our shipping & returns page. We strive to provide a customer-friendly policy that simplifies the process as much as possible.

Q: How is your company associated with Intel?

We are affiliated with Intel through a technology partnership in which Intel provides superior core processing architecture and proprietary hardware for the processing needs of our customized NUC solutions.

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