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EWC Technologies is a value-added, core OEM provider and integrator of the Intel NUC. We offer services and solutions for businesses, government, education, healthcare, digital signage, video surveillance, hospitality, fleet vehicles, and custom embedded projects. Our products, services, sales force solutions, field service, marketing channels, and other promotional resources help make EWC Technologies the optimal choice for your unique NUC requirements.

Supply Chain for Businesses

EWC also plays a valuable role in the IT supply chain, offering comprehensive solutions for your technology needs. Our business model provides significant leverage to technology manufacturers. Through EWC, technology manufacturers can reach multiple customer segments, including consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, large business enterprises, as well as, state, local and federal governments, healthcare, and educational institutions.

One-to-Many Delivery Model

We facilitate an efficient supply chain and support mechanism for manufacturers and reseller partners by using a combination of direct marketing and centralized selling, support, and product fulfillment. Our experience and expertise in a variety of technologies, marketing, and e-commerce allows us to reach and capture customers across all segments. Scalability for our centralized model lets us efficiently deploy a one-to-many selling and delivery model.

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EWC Technologies offers small form factor computers that feature best-in-class technology. Whether you are an individual who wants to create an IT system using a NUC computer or a business that needs NUC computers for niche or widespread applications, we have the solutions you need. To learn more about our company and technology, please contact us today.

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