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Power over Ethernet -Nuc product announcement PoE

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Regardless of why they deploy an Intel NUC kit, a common need of our clients is Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) I/O capable devices. Our exclusive “Network Powered” POE NUC computing solutions deliver the following benefits, among a growing list of others: They eliminate costly AC electrical wiring for computers or free existing receptacles, reduce electrical installation and maintenance, optimize energy consumption, centralize network/power management with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (built in UPS via UPOE Switch in the data closet), and increase IT security by combining dedicated ethernet + power to all computers within your business office via a single, securable, CAT-based network cable connection and a second gigabit POE NIC for separation of internal and external networks. Contact us to learn more.

Complete Supply & Service

In addition to NUC computers, we offer businesses a complete supply and service solution, including a complete support pipeline, a dedicated rep, and a one-stop shop for all mini computer hardware and nearly any peripherals, such as: Displays, Cables, Adapters, Keyboards, Mice and any Office Electronics. Also rely on our team for EWC in-house tested, custom NUC upgrades /add-ons /add-ins and related replacement parts.

We know you need a supplier whose NUC computers reliably support your business around the clock. This is why we take on all risks associated with the expected business uptime of our solutions, virtually ensuring no interruption throughout — and, in most cases, well beyond — the lifecycle of our systems and solutions.

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