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Choosing the Best NUC for Your Business

Automation is key to survival for many businesses, and that means getting the best mini PC to support your needs and goals. Finding the best computers for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. With some careful evaluation and forethought, you should be able to narrow down your choices to the ones most likely to offer you a successful launch and better long-term success. One of the easiest ways to find a scalable solution is through the use of Intel NUC computers.

What Is a NUC?

Intel calls these machines the Next Unit of Computing—and they’re not wrong—but you will most often hear them referred to by their abbreviated name, NUC. NUCs are small form factor computers. That means they take up less space than a traditional desktop (and even less than many laptops), but don’t be fooled into thinking that means they have less power. Modern computer components are smaller, faster, and more efficient. NUCs take full advantage of this trend to deliver a lot of power in a small package and be the best mini PC option on the market.

NUCs differentiate themselves from other smaller PCs by their quality, technology, and scalability. NUCs use real Intel processors, state-of-the-art chipsets, and name-brand storage solutions to deliver superior performance. Rather than cheap, knock-off electronics, you’re getting a powerful computer system with the full backing of industry leaders. Once your NUC is tailored to your specific application, you’ll have the right tools to get the job done more efficiently.

Evaluating Your Needs

Not every computer is right for every job, which is why the customizable nature of NUCs allows them to perfectly fit into business plans across industries. To find the best mini PC for your company, you’ll need to evaluate three key requirements:

  • Processing - The CPU is the brain of your PC. You’ll need to determine how complex your computer’s functions will be, and how fast they need to be done. These requirements could be relatively low-level, such as a workstation only meant to log the end user into a remote desktop or server, or it could require much more computing power, such as those that monitor and control production on a manufacturing machine.
  • Memory - Your RAM provides your CPU “brain” the ability to “think” about more things at once. Every operation your computer is performing is using a part of that memory. A computer that will have limited responsibilities, such as monitoring and logging a few sensors, can get by with less RAM than one intended to embed on a vehicle or be used as a workstation by an employee who needs to multitask.
  • Storage - Your computer's storage determines how much data can be saved to it locally. Solid state drives provide plenty of room for needed software, are more energy efficient, and allow for faster data retrieval than older hard drives. The amount needed is dependent on the size and number of files applications that will need to be stored on the machine locally.

Other requirements that you’ll want to ensure are the operating system that comes installed on your hardware (though this can always be changed after the fact if necessary), the available connections or ports, and that you’ll get the best mini PC support if you have questions or run into launch issues.

Proper support is vital. The mini PC industry is booming as enterprises and consumers all demand more complex, connected devices. You’ll want to choose a vendor who has years of experience in the industry. You want someone who can deliver a customized solution, fast rollout, and will stand behind their product when service or additional scaling is needed.

Example Cases


If you want the best small computers for your business, you want solutions that get the job done and are affordable. That’s precisely what this mini PC is best at. Powered by the reliable Intel Celeron processor, you’re getting decent performance in a package with lower energy requirements than more advanced chipsets. RAM, storage, and adapter options are all available for customizing.

This mini PC would be perfect as a local workstation connecting to a remote virtual PC. The lower powered CPU would pair well with 2GB of RAM and a fast, efficient 128GB SSD would give it plenty of space and power to boot up and communicate with the virtual desktop. With slightly higher specs, it would also function perfectly monitoring patients’ sensors on a hospital ward or adding an intelligent interface to a production machine.


The 7th generation i5 processors were meant to provide an optimal blending of performance and cost, giving you a great value. Built for heavier computer tasks, the i5 offers you two cores for processing supported by DDR4 ram that allows for faster multitasking. These machines are a great mid-demand option.

The best mini PC for more complicated tasks, this can offer better performance with remote monitoring and control of machinery. With up to 1TB of storage available, it can handle the workload whether it’s operating remotely or working as a standalone workstation. If you want versatility, this i5 NUC can deliver it.


When you need power, Intel delivers. With a blisteringly fast i7 processor, this computer is geared to handle the biggest loads. You can run up to a whopping 32GB of DDR4 RAM, and a 1TB SSD for plenty of storage and then some. This beast also offers you the option of our proprietary Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities. This reduces the necessary cabling, making rollout faster and easier.

One of the best small computers for business, there are limitless applications for this machine. Looking for a small powerful system to control your back office? Want an embedded computing system on a vehicle that gives you a full range of access and control options from remote locations? Need a world-class solution for a production monitoring and control room? Whatever the task, there’s a configuration that makes it the best mini PC for the work.

Trust the Experts

Empower your automation with premium computer support available with Intel NUCs. If you have any questions or need help understanding how these small form factor computers can help lower your bottom line, call our experts at (801) 948-8898. Source your technology solution from EWC Technologies now.

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