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Retro Gaming Made Easy for Your Intel NUC

Retro Gaming Made Easy for Your Intel NUC

Feb 7, 2020

Mario Nintendo retro video game

You vividly remember the days when you’d sit on the sofa and spend hours on end with two of your best friends—Mario and Luigi. Those days are long gone, and now, you’re proud to be a professional gamer. But the euphoric feeling you get when you remember those days are as real as ever.

For this reason, you may have tried desperately over the years to get your favorite older games to run on modern computer hardware. Maybe you have experienced less-than-stellar results, or the necessary setup has been too inconvenient to create and maintain.

Fortunately, you no longer have to resort to memories to experience the excitement of your favorite old-school games. Instead, you can relive these games in real time with the help of an Intel NUC mini gaming computer. Here’s a rundown on how a retro gaming computer can instantly return you to your gaming glory days.

Intel NUC For Gaming

An Intel NUC mini gaming computer is a niche offering that makes it possible for today’s video game lovers to play some of their old favorites without needing standalone gaming consoles. These small personal computers offer the functional yet simple interface you need to bring all of your old games back to life.

The  Intel Hades Canyon option is an outstanding NUC in that it was built to offer enhanced gaming performance as well as quicker hardware. The computer’s top-tier ability to process graphics makes it stand out for creative uses, including high-definition viewing experiences, streaming media, or video/photo editing. It’s easy to see why this computer is such an excellent mini gaming computer.

Additional Intel NUC Gaming Perks

The Intel NUC mini gaming computer doesn’t have a stand-alone graphics card. However, this small computer outperforms graphics cards in full-sized desktop computers. In light of this, NUCs have no issues with video game emulation. The kicker? The NUC mini gaming computer comes with a large number of Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports. That means if you and your friend would like to engage in a fiery match-up with Super Mario Bros. for old time’s sake, you can do so with two controllers.

With a NUC, you can play one of your old-school games as though it were being displayed on its original console. Put another way, it will play beautifully. An added bonus is that you can use your chosen audio output device for a first-rate game emulation experience time and time again.

Take Advantage of an Intel NUC For Gaming 

At EWC Technologies, we offer a number of mini gaming computer options for today’s nostalgic gamer. You can take advantage of our Intel 8th-generation Hades Canyon NUC with an overclocked i7 processor or you can tap into our Intel 10th-generation Frost Canyon NUC with an i7 processor for casual gaming. 

The NUC, in general, is a top computing option for multiple reasons. For instance, connecting it with peripherals is effortless. In addition, you can use the NUC with either new or existing peripherals. You’ll also love the fact that these mini personal computers will save you both space and money while still experiencing the power you would expect from a full-sized machine. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about your Intel NUC retro gaming computer options, and reconnect with the younger gamer inside of you via today’s most cutting-edge technologies.

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