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Gift Guide- Computers for the Computer Geek in Your Life

Gift Guide- Computers for the Computer Geek in Your Life

Nov 26, 2019

 Man sitting in front of three computer monitors

With the holidays around the corner, you’re no doubt trying to figure out the perfect gift to blow away the computer geek in your life. Of course, in all of your searching, you may have hit a roadblock when shopping for a picky techie, particularly if he or she runs a business.

The good news? There are plenty of  computer options that are sure to impress your loved one and also make his or her job easier—a double bonus.

Here’s a rundown on three SFF Computers that are perfect for any techies in your life this holiday season.

Intel Bean Canyon NUC

>Intel Bean Canyon 8th Generation NUC with I7 Processor

This eighth-generation NUC comes with a  high-level i7 processor. As a result, its performance is incredible. Your computer geek will also fall in love with the fact that this gift’s is small and that the processing power is low wattage. Your computer geek will also love that this machine is easy to upgrade should future needs arise.

Intel Dawson Canyon NUC

 Intel Dawson Canyon NUC

This seventh-generation i5 processor stands out in the commercial SFF Computer world for its high performance and embedded application use. This makes the NUC a great option for a techie who could use help with digital signage, a digital vending machine, or a digital kiosk.  This computer is also a winner in that it supports the specific operating system versions that your gift receiver will need to complete daily business tasks. These systems include CentOS, Linux Ubuntu, and Windows 10. The remote access capability that comes with this NUC is simply the cherry on top.

Intel Hades Canyon NUC

Intel Hades Canyon NUC 8 th generation NUC with I7 processor

This machine makes the perfect gift for the computer geek in your life. For starters,  this NUC features Intel’s eighth-generation, first-rate processor technology. This computer is especially a standout when it comes to its graphics processing ability. For this reason, it’s an unbeatable choice if your gift recipient happens to be a photo or video editor. The machine is also a top choice for business owners who stream media or handle other creative projects involving viewing content in high definition.

Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse

A computer monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse.

This should be a no-brainer. When it comes to an SFF Computer, you need the peripherals: a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. Most keyboards and mice are either wireless or plug-and-play (meaning you can plug them into any USB port). When it comes to a monitor, makes sure that the monitor has an HDMI connection. If you happen to buy a monitor that has a DVI or a VGA connection, you will need to get a DVI to HDMI adapter, or a VGA to HDMI adapter. The computer geek who receives the gift of a NUC plus peripherals will definitely love the new tech you’ve given him or her.

Buy a High-Performing NUC for the Techie in Your Life Today

If you’re on the prowl for a gift for a techie family member or friend, you generally can’t go wrong with a cutting-edge NUC from EWC Technologies. The options mentioned above all offer great benefits to users and are widely recognized for their high performance and reliability—something every serious techie can appreciate.

At EWC Technologies, we take pride in offering the best in SFF Computer technologies. For this reason, we feel confident that both you and your gift recipient will be pleased with any product you purchase from us this holiday season.

Get in touch with us to learn more about these top-quality computers and order the perfect machine for your loved one today!

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