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5 Insanely Useful Forums For NUC PC Owners

5 Insanely Useful Forums For NUC PC Owners

Sep 24, 2019

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Next Units of Computing (NUCs) powered by Intel are quickly gaining popularity among PC users of all types. Whether you use your computer for entertainment and gaming, or you run a business with integrated technology needs, the small and powerful design of the NUC is finding its way into our homes and workplaces. Cutting edge technology makes this computer affordable, space-saving, and convenient. Options to customize storage size, RAM, and OS makes the NUC applicable for all sorts of uses.

You may have fallen in love with the  Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature and the adaptation to become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT), or perhaps the size and durability of its solid-state drive are what interested you in the NUC in the first place. If you are looking to buy a NUC or already own one, you probably have some questions about what system requirements will meet your user needs, how to care for your NUC, how you can customize it further or other inquiries. Aside from speaking to experts at EWC Technologies, there are computer forums available with people who can help answer your questions and give you advice based on their own personal experiences. Let’s take a look at some useful computer forums for NUC and general PC owners.

Intel Forums

The official Intel computer help forums are the perfect place to browse other people’s inquiries and troubleshoot for your NUC. EWC Technologies partnered with Intel to power their computers with some of the best processors available on the market. The Intel name is reliable, trustworthy, and well-known by everyone in the world of computer technology. The combined result of Intel processors and the NUC created a computer that is perfect for integrating into the Internet of Things, so you can expect there to be inquiries on this subject and about everything NUC on the Intel Forums. To date, there are over 8,000 questions asked on the Intel Forums regarding the NUC.

Overclockers UK

Overclockers UK offers a section of their computer help forum dedicated to “Small Form Factor and Single Board Computers”, in which people focus on discussing the NUC, ITX, and Micro PCs, as well as single motherboard computers like the Raspberry Pi. You can browse or search through thousands of members’ thoughts, ideas, questions, and NUC issues.

Small Form Factor Forum

This computer help forum is all about everything to do with small form factor PCs. It is easy to browse as they break the forum down into subtopics like news, concepts & custom projects, hardware, mods, resources and more.


This is a computer forum that includes a subcategory for “Small Form Factor Systems”. It is a general forum for people who are interested in compact, powerful computers including the NUC. They do not break the forum down into subsections, but there is a search function to help you navigate to topics based on your keywords.

The NUC Blog

The NUC Blog is an unofficial blog, and not really a forum in the traditional sense. However, the blog is host to reviews and articles that discuss NUCs and related technology. You can comment on the blog posts and reply to other peoples’ comments much like you can in a forum. The blog articles are a great catalyst on NUC topics for readers to get a conversation started.

You can also read more useful articles on NUCs on the  EWC Technologies official blog. Visit EWC Technologies’s website to view all of the latest NUCs and to schedule a free 2-week demo.

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