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Signage, Home Entertainment, and Medical Applications: The Surprising Ways NUCs Can Be Tailored to Customer Needs

Signage, Home Entertainment, and Medical Applications: The Surprising Ways NUCs Can Be Tailored to Customer Needs

Jul 12, 2019

NUC computers don’t just carry the power of a full tower desktop in a bite-size package, they also exemplify all the versatility you’d normally expect from a custom DIY computer. That means the number of things these small form factor computers can accomplish is only limited by your imagination. Considering these machines are getting more powerful and popular by the day, they might be your first choice for getting the job done one day soon, no matter what that job may be. 

If you’ve been wondering about the kinds of uses that EWC’s computers can provide you or your place of business, keep reading to check out our list of some of the most unexpected places you can put a NUC to the test. 


Digital signage is a ubiquitous presence in modern life. Everything from the billboards in Times Square to the touchscreen menu at the restaurant down the street uses digital signage, and small form factor computers can be a great way to get the most out of this technology. Thanks to the power of NUCs, a device like the Baby Canyon can ably run complex signage programs that other computers might balk at. Plus, the portability of NUCs makes it a breeze to set up digital displays in different areas and rotate them in and out as it suits your purposes. You don’t need a lot of technical know-how to make a great ad with a convenient custom PC like a NUC backing you up. 

Home Entertainment 

When it comes to displaying grand technical prowess in a compact area, small form factor computers can give you a big leg up in exposing you to all of the wow factor that comes with a robust home theater, with none of the cumbersome setup. Audio/visual technology has evolved over the years to allow PCs the use of some truly spectacular speakers and displays, and thanks to the NUC’s myriad inputs you can set up a full rig for your next blockbuster viewing night from one small and convenient central hub. While NUCs often get pigeonholed as business-oriented hardware, the 8th gen Hades Canyon model can run the best games and biggest movie experiences better than most small form factor computers, and even exceeds the capabilities of many desktop models. You don’t need a setup the size of a pickup truck to get amazing audio/visual fidelity from your NUC. 

The Medical Field 

The medical field might not seem like the most immediately obvious arena for a custom PC like our NUCs to be put to use in, but if you think about it, the two are a perfect fit. The medical device industry is only growing, with digital and mechanical options becoming the norm for people needing efficient treatment for their ailments, so using something with the power and versatility of these small form factor computers to run these vital programs actually makes a lot of sense. They take up relatively little space, leaving ample room for medical professionals to go about their vital business, and their ability to use many devices and programs at once lets doctors and nurses kill (or save, as it were) many birds with one stone. 

No one needs powerful and convenient hardware like those who are in charge of serving our community. New technology is best measured by the good it brings into the world, and one of these unassuming small form factor computers might just be saving lives at a hospital near you one day in the near future. 

Get Your Hands on a NUC Today 

Intel microchip in hard drive

You can read about all the fantastic uses for our NUCs, but why settle for just reading blog posts about this tech when you can see what we’re talking about firsthand, and at no charge whatsoever? There’s never been a better time to discover all the ways a NUC can make your work time, and leisure time, that much easier. We offer free two week demos of our revolutionary small form factor computers. If you end up deciding that these machines are the perfect fit for your workplace, we sell our NUCs at generous volume pricing discounts as well. Get in touch with us right now and see how we can start helping you make the most of our hardware as soon as possible. 

If you’re new to the world of NUCs, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our in-depth knowledge base and FAQ to brush up on the facts regarding the mini custom PC of your dreams. To keep abreast of all the news and trivia about small form factor computers and beyond, check back with our blog frequently and never let another tidbit pass you by. And if you’re ready to take your workplace efficiency to the next level and leave behind the dreaded clutter of the desktop tower, shop with EWC Technologies now and see for yourself that smaller is sometimes better.

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