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What Is VMWare?

What Is VMWare?

Jun 4, 2019

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Even if you aren’t in enterprise-level IT, you need to know what VMWare is and how it can increase your computing efficiency. The term “VMWare” is often used both to refer to a line of applications meant to help create and run virtual machines in a variety of situations and the company that makes these programs. VMWare’s products have become the virtualization gold standard, and vital to the needs of both physical data center operations and the emerging hybrid data center technology that more and more modern companies are coming to rely on. Understanding how to use VMWare is fast becoming required knowledge as companies enter the next stages of their digital transformation.

What Is Virtualization?

What VMWare is often used for is creating virtual machines, hence the VM in the name. A virtual machine is a software created “computer” that runs inside your physical computer. This virtual computer can run its own programs and tasks on its operating system, just as if you had a second physical computer you assigned the tasks to. This software-based machine can offer similar functionality to a full-featured computer or it can be purpose built to only perform specific tasks within a specific custom framework.

Why Virtualization Is Needed

Current computing that relies on x86 architecture is inefficient. Often a physical machines limitations for productivity are reached before it has reached a point where it is using all its resources. This is what VMWare helps solve.

Multiple virtual machines can be assigned to run on a single physical machine, each with their own resources assigned to their operations. This creates a more efficient use of existing computer infrastructure for companies, and it helps avoid increased unnecessary investment in physical hardware when the resources are already present but unused. It’s a computing solution that’s scalable for both the needs of the business and the budget.

How Virtualization Works

To better understand what VMWare is doing, it helps to understand how it does it. In layman’s terms, in order to run virtual machines, VMWare has to “separate” them from the physical computer. To do this, it creates a very thin program called a Hypervisor that manages the relationship between the real computer and the virtual machines that are being created. VMWare determines how to use the virtualized systems and the Hypervisor makes them look like separate systems with dedicated resources.

Since the virtual machines are decoupled from the physical infrastructure by hypervisor, each is free to operate independently. This not only means being able to run separate operations, but to run separate operating systems and configurations. These tasks are funneled back to users through the Hypervisor, which takes their output and returns it through the physical computing system through the appropriate applications and hardware on the physical side.

Key Benefits Of Virtualization With VMWare

The ultimate goal of what VMWare is attempting to do is more efficient computing systems without large infrastructure investments--a goal anyone in charge of an IT budget can appreciate. It does this by providing several key benefits:

  • Partitioning - VMWare allows you to assign valuable resources to prioritized tasks with dynamic resource throttling. This ensures your virtual machines always have the “right tools for the right job”.
  • Encapsulation - The state of your virtual machine can be saved as a file due the software-based nature of VM computing.
  • Isolation - Because virtual machines exist in a software environment, they allow for the quarantining of operations from other virtual and physical machines for increased security and safety.
  • Migration - Virtual machines can be easily copied, moved, or stored on any server, allowing you the flexibility to fit your business needs.

    Intel Hades Canyon 8th Generation NUC with i7 Processor

How To Use VMWare To Virtualize Your Business

What is WMWare’s place in your business? Some of the most popular uses we see for VMWare is in server virtualization. Virtual servers make the most efficient use of your physical equipment. They allow optimized access to your storage and files on demand, and with the ability to run multiple operating systems on different virtual machines in the same physical server, you can offer full support for legacy systems in house. Virtual servers can lead to lower IT costs, saving your company money.

Desktop virtualization is also popular among businesses. Rather than the need for fully featured computers at each work location and for every in-the-field employee that needs access, a virtualized desktop can give them in-office performance from their tablet or phone. Just log into the virtual user session and operate the virtual machine from the on-hand device.

Network virtualization with VMWare is what excites some users, as they’ll be able to create a uniformity of user experience across departments and platforms. This not only helps make the traditional network experience better, but it can also help create a seamless cloud or hybrid network for users.

We Understand Enterprise IT

When you’re getting ready to lead your companies tech into the future, you want the best equipment on hand. Intel’s Next Level of Computing, or NUC, is the perfect choice to take advantage of the benefits VMWare offers. From economical Celeron-powered Intel NUCs are perfect for IoT machines that will need to interface with your virtual network or as log in stations for a virtual desktop. More powerful Intel NUCs, like the  Hades Canyon i7 are powerful enough to work as servers in their own right, running virtual machines that power your business.

Whatever you needs, the first step is filling out our  contact form and talking to one of our business computing experts. They’re ready to have a conversation about what your business needs from its computing solutions. Give your company the state-of-the-art IT it needs to compete with help from EWC Technologies today.

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