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Using an Intel NUC For Security and Surveillance

Using an Intel NUC For Security and Surveillance

May 10, 2019

As today’s advanced security and surveillance systems generate more and more data, the need for powerful in-vehicle computers and computer surveillance systems has never been greater. Intel NUCs offer the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and size for a wide range of security applications. From mobile monitoring and observation to full command and control capabilities, NUCs are the customizable, scalable solutions your program needs to protect your property, employees, and the public.

What Is a NUC?

Intel’s Next Unit Of Computing (NUC) is a series of mini PCs built to give users big performance from a small package. NUCs give you state-of-the-art chipsets, blazing speed, and a footprint the size of a small shoebox, making them perfect for embedding, discreet installation, and in-vehicle computers for mobile surveillance and security platforms. These small form factor units offer several benefits over traditional security and surveillance options.

  • Full-Sized Power - Far from underclocked, memory-deficient platforms based on mobile technology, NUCs use premium Intel Chipsets, like Core I3I5, and I7 processors. Backed by up to 32-gigabytes of RAM (64-gigabytes for select NUCs), you’ll have the power you need to run high-performance applications.
  • Solid State Performance - NUCs are solid state systems. Storage is lightning fast and reliable. Multiple cameras and sensors can record their data which can then be retrieved effortlessly when needed.
  • Efficiency - NUCs are designed to use resources responsibly. They can run all-out or be set to lower performance that uses energy more efficiently.
  • Scalability - NUCs offer a premium, scalable solution to your technology needs. Whether you want a fleet’s worth of in-vehicle computers or a single, more reliable system maintaining your digital security cameras, there’s a NUC for you at a price that makes your program possible.
  • Versatility - Set up your base of operations or take your fully-featured surveillance system on the go. A NUC offers you maximum computing flexibility.
  • Powerful Partners - Intel is the king of computing, and with the crown comes support from the top companies in the world. NUC systems support state-of-the-art security software and surveillance hardware, like Sighthound, Tekvault, and VivoTek. This gives you reliable access to the top computer surveillance systems.
  • Competitive Pricing Advantage - Companies who partner with Intel work to provide compatible hardware and software to create a seamless experience, whether for in-vehicle computers or control room emplacements. Because vendors know you have so many security and surveillance options to pair with your NUC, equipment, and software prices are more reasonable.
  • Single Server Convenience - Ultra-powerful NUCs like the Intel Hades Canyon 8th Gen NUC with Overclocked i7 Processor can even function as small yet powerful servers, giving you the ability to concentrate your data and core system functions through your own system end-to-end rather than relying on more expensive stacks or cloud server schemes.

The Applications Are Endless

These benefits make NUCs the perfect computing solution for a wide range of security and surveillance needs. While only limited by your vision for your security systems, a few common uses for NUCs include:

  • Entry Control Management - Entry control systems help protect the physical facility, employees, and guests. A NUC is the perfect brain center for your entry control program, offering the power to monitor multiple systems, log access, and retain surveillance data. NUCs can be used with a wide range of entry control hardware from different manufacturers, whether you’re supporting legacy systems or have transitioned to the latest in security checkpoint technology.
  • Embedded Systems - Smart and IoT devices continue to make waves in the security industry. For manufacturers that want to take full advantage of a growing niche, NUCs make the perfect embedded computing solution, whether as in-vehicle computers communicating back to central control and dispatch or on semi-autonomous security technology. Whether you need a system for security, law enforcement, tactical, or emergency management situations, NUCs can give you the on-site computing to get the job done.
  • Surveillance Control Centers - Modern computer surveillance systems rely as much on automation as they do on trained human eyes--sometimes more. NUCs have the power to monitor, control, and analyze digital security cameras with premium surveillance software applications. This approach allows fewer personnel to manage larger areas of responsibility more effectively.
  • Mobile Surveillance Systems - From simple digital dash and bodycams to full surveillance platforms, NUCs are the in-vehicle computers you want when you need to capture the full picture. They’re small, discreet, and multiple units can easily fit in standard cruisers and vans to operate systems and store surveillance data securely.

Close up of a surveillance camera lense

Experienced Intel Partner

To make the most of this technology, you need an Intel partner who can scale their solutions and support to fit your specific security and surveillance needs. We’re proud of our work building NUCs for dedicated applications across a range of industries. NUCs give you the tools you need to make sure people and property are safer. From our economical Intel Arches Canyon NUC with Celeron Processor to the powerful Intel Dawson Canyon Enterprise NUC with i7 vPro Processor that lets you take advantage of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology, there’s a NUC for your use case.

Every NUC we sell is backed by the full support of Intel and EWC TechnologiesFill out our contact form and one of our NUC experts will be in touch to talk about your needs, and how an Intel NUC can meet them. They’ll work with you to plan a strategy and implementation that fits your vision, and they can even arrange a demo so you can test drive the power of an Intel NUC for yourself.

Whether you need in-vehicle computers or a new nerve center for your computer surveillance systems, a solution from EWC Technologies is just a few clicks away.

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