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The Intel NUC vs. the Intel Computing Stick: What’s the Difference?

The Intel NUC vs. the Intel Computing Stick: What’s the Difference?

Apr 2, 2020

As a business owner, you’ve grown to love the word “savings”, especially when it comes to saving money, saving time, and saving energy. Aside from these valuable commodities, one of the most important things you’d like to save more of at your business location is space. Fortunately, modern technologies are keeping up with the need to combat the problem of waste of space, and businesses are taking full advantage with two Intel mini PC solutions that are skyrocketing in popularity: The Intel NUC and the Intel Computing Stick.

Both of these solutions are turning heads as business owners clamor for high-performance and low-cost solutions. If you’re curious about how they’re alike and how they’re different, here’s a rundown on the difference between the NUC mini PC by Intel and the Intel Computing Stick.

The Intel NUC

The Intel NUC remains in high demand among business owners looking to tap into the market for leading Intel mini PC options. The NUC is a small PC that features the power of a full-sized PC. What’s great about this device is that you can use it in capacities such as workstations and vehicles to empower your company. In addition, you can order a NUC with the operating system, random access memory, and storage already installed so your new device is ready as soon as you receive it.

Along with its size and powerful features, today’s NUC stands out for its high-level engineering. This Intel mini PC is suitable for use as a light business machine or application, like a videoconferencing engine, terminal, or even a point-of-sale (POS) device. At the same time, you can use it for the same types of computing functions you perform on any other desktop computer.

Benefits of the NUC

One of the main benefits of the NUC mini PC by Intel is that it offers desktop tower-like performance along with manageability and security. These devices are also easy to connect with peripherals, and they are versatile and configurable.

Yet another advantage of this mini PC is that it is energy efficient, as NUCs use lower wattage amounts than your tower PC does. As a result, incorporating NUCs into your business’s technological infrastructure is a wise move if you’re serious about saving money and going green in the coming years.

Additional NUC Benefits

NUCs are also popular because they come with Intel’s latest processors. In other words, the most cutting-edge technology a business needs is available in the NUC.

The NUC mini PC by Intel additionally comes in handy for creating content like digital art, photo editing, or videos. That’s because the NUC is built to operate efficiently and effectively for completing any complex work. Also, let’s say that you’re interested in streaming/downloading videos in the office versus utilizing physical discs. You can easily hook up your NUC to a TV to display online videos, films, or TV shows in unparalleled 4K ultra-high-definition clarity.

Finally, the NUC is ultra customizable. For instance, let’s say that you travel often and will be carrying your NUC around with you at the airport. Lids are available for changing your NUC’s look to make it easily identifiable in a chaotic and crowded environment.

On top of this, you can take advantage of Intel’s Remote Keyboard application, which allows you to effortlessly control your computer with a smartphone or tablet, which would serve as your keyboard and mouse. This is ideal if you’d like to utilize your computer on the road without having to lug around extra bulky equipment with you. It’s also helpful if you were to lose your mouse or keyboard, or if your mouse stopped working. In this situation, you would still be capable of using your computer.

Your NUC Options

You can choose a NUC mini PC by Intel with an i3, i5, or i7 processor. Alternatively, you may opt for the Intel Celeron mini PC, which is ideal for individuals looking for an entry-level NUC that will save them space and overhead costs. The power packed into NUC devices like the  Hades Canyon, one of the most popular options, is adequate for tasks such as video and photo editing, graphic design, and streaming media in high definition.

Clearly, the NUC mini PC by Intel stands out in the computing world for fitting neatly in your palm while being powerful. In light of this, the curious side of you may be asking, “Could a PC get any smaller while still being powerful?”

The answer is, in fact, yes.

The Intel Computing Stick

The Computing Stick mini PC by Intel is an alternative to the Intel NUC if you’re interested in a computing device that is barely larger than your thumb. At first glance, this mini PC looks a lot like a chunky thumb drive, spanning about five inches in length, but it’s a lot more powerful than it looks.

Like the newest NUCs, the Computing Stick features a wide range of power levels. For instance, the Sterling City offers DDR3L memory totaling two gigabytes, storage totaling 32 gigabytes, and a solid 1.4 gigahertz Atom processor. This is plenty of power for running the entire Microsoft Office product suite as well as Windows 10, for example.

An even more robust Computing Stick mini PC by Intel option is the Cedar City option, which stands out for its DDR3 random access memory totaling four gigabytes, flash storage totaling 64 gigabytes, and Core M processor. This solution also has 4K video capability through its high-definition multimedia interface connector.

Computing Stick Features

The Computing Stick is a long stick that is black in color and features a plastic finish that is glossy on one end. Meanwhile, there is a matte finish on the remainder of the stick. Considering that the Intel Computing Stick is no longer than a gum or Lifesaver candy pack, you may be wondering if this device is as powerful as a PC.

The reality, though, is that this device is designed to turn any high-definition multimedia interface display into a functional computer. We’re talking about a device here that features the same top-quality graphics, wireless connectivity, and operating system you’ve come to expect from a top-level PC.

In addition, like the NUC, the Computing Stick mini PC by Intel is appealing in that it’s ready to meet your computing needs as soon as you pull it from the box. Note that you could easily add your favorite Universal Serial Bus keyboard to your Computing Stick if you wish, although you don’t have to.

Other Computing Stick Takeaways

One of the main benefits of the Computing Stick is that it is unobtrusive and space-saving, just like the Intel NUC. In addition, this device’s wireless performance is quite strong, although its small antennas might not work extremely well in areas with flaky or weak wireless reception. Likewise, Bluetooth works well with the Computing Stick mini PC by Intel if you keep your accessories within a few feet of your device.

All in all, you don’t have to worry about making compromises when you transition from a PC to a Computing Stick mini PC by Intel. Intel has proved that it is possible to shrink a high-level PC’s power into one stick. And yes, there is a strong niche for this relatively powerful and unique stick-sized computer.

Upgrade Your Business Computers Today

If you’re serious about boosting efficiency and productivity at your business with a mini PC by Intel, you can’t go wrong with the latest Intel NUC. That’s why we at EWC Technologies are proud to promote this technology for our business clients.

The Intel NUC offers their own unique benefits for your organization. In addition, if you’re interested in ordering a large batch of NUCs, for example, we’ve got you covered thanks to our stellar order deployment process coupled with our fast turnaround time. We also offer volume pricing for your convenience.

If you’d like to try out one of our NUCs before you buy, you can do this with no problem. That’s because we offer a two-week demonstration period, during which you can see for yourself why so many businesses have turned to us for their complete computing solutions.

Get in touch with us today to take advantage of our demo, and start upgrading your technology infrastructure with our top-of-the-line mini PC by Intel solutions today!

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