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Hades Canyon vs. Skull Canyon: The Ultimate Guide

Hades Canyon vs. Skull Canyon: The Ultimate Guide

Jun 5, 2019

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As NUC computers grow in popularity, the number of models available on the market will also grow exponentially. Two of the most popular versions of NUC are the  Hades Canyon and the Skull Canyon. Which one should you choose to get the most out of your NUC experience?

Luckily, EWC Technologies is here to help you answer this question. If you’ve been trying to pick between these two types of NUC but don’t know which one to go with, we’ve got the guide for you. Keep reading to find out which of these tiny, power-packed computers is the right choice for you!

Hades Canyon

The Hades model brought a new level of power and performance to the world of NUCs when it launched in 2018, and in terms of sheer horsepower, it’s still leading the pack. Hades features a hybrid processor that runs tech from both Intel and AMD simultaneously, giving it a supercharged sense of speed that few other PCs, NUC or otherwise, can match. And an extraordinary number of ports and inputs make the Hades Canyon a dream for techies that want full control of their experience.

Are there any downsides to this compact powerhouse? Well, the main drawback is that all of these impressive specs come at a cost: the Hades is quite a bit pricier than many other NUC models on the market right now, and if you aren’t comfortable with a little DIY action when it comes to assembling its data storage, it might come off as an intimidating PC at first. Price and ease of use are definite factors when deciding between the Hades Canyon vs. the Skull Canyon. Still, you get what you pay for, and this model remains a godsend for anyone that wants the heaviest processing power in the lightest package around.

Skull Canyon

The Skull Canyon is an older model of NUC, having made its debut in 2016, back when the technology was still relatively fresh, so it’s not going to compare to the Hades Canyon in raw power. Still, that’s not to imply that the Skull isn’t a worthwhile model in and of itself. It maintains the ability to outclass many full-sized desktop computers, and, at a starting price of $650, it’s a bargain compared to much of the competition. Now that the Hades Canyon has been out for a few years, you’ll likely be able to pick it up at a lower price point than that $650 MSRP as well (and even at retail it’s still less expensive than the Hades Canyon).

It bears pointing out that the Skull has had a bit of trouble running the latest games came out, so if you’re looking for a rig that will put your PlayStation 4 to shame, this probably isn’t the item for you. Still, if you want a conveniently sized piece of hardware that can run comparably well (or better) than many laptops and PCs on the market today, you could certainly do worse than the Skull Canyon.

Who Wins the Battle?

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So now it’s time for the answers you’ve all been waiting for: in the struggle between the Hades Canyon vs. the Skull Canyon NUC, which one wins?

Ultimately, as with everything in life, the decision comes down to two basic elements: money and power. The Hades is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to cramming an insane level of processing capacity into a compact space, and it works great for modern gaming and VR setups. If you have the spare change to deck it out with a proper setup, the Hades Canyon is going to rock your world like nothing else.

If, on the other hand, you’re going to be using an NUC for the first time and don’t have a problem with a more modest processor, the Skull Canyon makes for a great entry point into this realm of personal computing. It’s more affordable than the Hades, and you still get good bang for your buck if you don’t mind not being able to run the latest games at their highest graphical fidelity. Plus, since it’s been around for a bit longer, there are more tips and tricks out there for the Skull than the Hades Canyon when it comes to rigging a great homebrew setup for it.

These are two great computers for enthusiasts looking for a massive payload in a tiny package, and it’s tough to go wrong with either of them. As long as you’re able to budget for either of them and know what you want out of your NUC setup, the real winner of the Hades Canyon vs. Skull Canyon showdown is you!

Explore EWC Technologies Today

You don’t need a comprehensive map of the NUC world to know that EWC Technologies is a frontrunner in this exciting, affordable, and eminently convenient new realm of computing. Our miniaturized custom computers pack a wallop, and if you’re shopping for your office, you might be pleased to know we have volume pricing available for parties who’d like to  get in touch to learn more.

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