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Why It’s Important to Keep Windows 10 Up to Date

Dec 5, 2019

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You’re working on a huge business assignment due in a few hours, when all of a sudden, you see a prompt to update Windows 10. You might be tempted to place this on the back burner. After all, you’ve got more pressing things to worry about, right?

Not quite.

The reality is, keeping your Windows 10 OS up to date is extremely critical and should be at the top of your list of priorities. Let’s take a look at why Windows updates for business computers are essential, and what happens if you don’t pay attention to that next Windows update for Windows 10 in your Next Unit of Computing (NUC).

Windows OS Updates Help with Security

One of the biggest reasons why you need Windows updates for your business computers is the majority of these updates are security updates. Security issues are often identified in a variety of Windows parts, such as the .Net Framework, ActiveX, and Internet Explorer.

A recent Windows update released in October 2019 fixed various security issues related to not only Internet Explorer but also Windows Shell, Microsoft Edge, Windows Cryptography, Windows Server, and Windows Authentication, for example. Another update, released in November 2019, fixed security-related issues involving Microsoft Edge, Windows, and Internet Explorer. These types of issues should ideally be applied as soon as possible to prevent serious security threats down the road.

Updates Help with Fixing Minor Issues and Offer New Features

Another type of Windows update for a business computer is one that addresses other Windows issues and bugs. These issues may not necessarily be responsible for any security vulnerabilities. However, they could still affect your OS’s stability. On top of this, these bugs may simply be annoying.

An example of this type of update is one released in October 2019 that fixed various minor bugs, such as a bug that kept Microsoft Narrator from operating in various touch-mode situations. Yet another bug addressed by this release is one that made it impossible to shrink task windows in certain cases. The update also fixed a bug that caused Microsoft Edge and the start menu to quit responding in specific situations following the installation of an update.

An additional October Windows update for Windows 10 fixed a problem with printer drivers and applications that used the Windows JavaScript engine for the processing of print jobs.

In addition, some updates provide new features. For example, an update from November 2019 enabled you to create a calendar event from your taskbar. There were also improvements that sped up some personal computers and boosted some laptops’ battery life.

Take Advantage of the Windows 10 OS Today

At EWC Technologies, we are proud to offer the Windows 10 OS. In addition, we offer a wide range of NUC options to go with this OS.

NUCs are rapidly changing how companies view their technology infrastructures based on factors such as energy, overhead costs, and maintenance. For example, if you run a hospital or clinic, you can use such devices to control and power your nursing stations. Likewise, if you run a construction or utility company, you can use NUCs in your vehicles. Also, let’s say you run an advertising firm: NUCs can come in handy for your digital signage.

Get in touch with usGet in touch with us today to find out more about our NUC options as well as the importance of the Windows update for business computers. We’ll help you to find the right NUC for your needs.

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