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The Enterprise Benefits of Intel vPro

The Enterprise Benefits of Intel vPro

Apr 2, 2019

If you’ve been looking at new PCs for your company’s business computing needs, you may be asking yourself what Intel vPro is. Intel NUCs make sense for most businesses, and technology like Intel vPro is what makes them so valuable. Intel vPro benefits your IT department, and by extension your entire company, by offering increased efficiency and the management tools you want in a fully featured mini PC. If you want technology that supports a better bottom line, Intel NUCs with vPro technology are the perfect choice.

What Is Intel vPro?

Intel vPro is a suite of premium hardware upgrades meant to provide enterprise users with the added tools they need for more efficient IT management. A vPro mini PC has a vPro processor, vPro capable chipset, and vPro enabled BIOS. Working together, these allow for increased security processes, communication, and control from a remote location. Using common Intel applications your IT department is most likely already familiar with, all your company’s vPro NUCs can be serviced without requiring technicians present.

Intel Dawnson Canyon Enterprise NUC with I7 Vpro processor

How Intel vPro Benefits Your Enterprise

While that’s a very broad description of what Intel vPro technology is, the more important aspects are how it impacts your business operations, company goals, and balance sheet. While every company is different—with different business computing needs—scalable management is what Intel vPro was made for.

  • Create More Consistent IT Management Practices - Every company has that one business unit that is last for updates. They’re farther away, harder to schedule around, or just plain difficult to deal with. Intel vPro lets you manage updates and many admin functions remotely, even if the mini PC in question is powered off, so that rollouts really can be universal.
  • Make Rollouts More Efficient - Since these functions can be managed by a remote technician, system updates are faster. There’s no need for travel or physical presence at each machine. Instead, entire fleets of vPro units can be managed in a fraction of the time. A technician can power up a unit remotely, install needed updates or perform administrative functions, then shut the unit back down with no interaction on the other end of the connection.
  • Increased Security Features - The security of Intel vPro is what makes many of these communication and administration tasks feasible. With Intel Authenticate (IA), your systems are safer than ever. A large number of malicious attacks occur due to lost user credentials. IA empowers biometric and physical “key” based security to ensure that only authorized remote access is possible to your systems.
  • Better Support Options - Remote access lets trained staff assist end users from anywhere in the world to wherever it’s needed. IT staff can reset a system from a thousand miles away, or use Intel Secure Erase to protect your intellectual property from around the world. This is the perfect answer to IT pain points caused by remote workforces, global distribution personnel, and world-travelling executives.
  • Increased Stability - Intel chips are renowned for their reliable operation and consistent performance, but what Intel vPro is offering is a whole new level. Processors and chipsets are matched to let you fully explore the benefits of Intel vPro, and the configurations are fine-tuned until they work perfectly. This attention to the synergy created by high-quality components working in harmony saves countless hours of IT technician stress and provides a consistently positive end user experience.
  • Optane Memory - Intel vPro lets you get the full value of Optane memory. Just as computers have used virtual RAM for processes for years, Optane memory uses specially engineered Optane-capable SSDs to bring data closer to the processor level. This rapid bridge between RAM and ROM gives you snappier computing and more dynamic use.
  • Makes Long-Term IT Management Easier - Intel didn’t reinvent the wheel, but Intel vPro technology is what improving the wheel looks like. It is designed from the ground up to integrate with existing systems and infrastructure, making adoption intuitive and painless, while enabling you to keep up with technology as it progresses. The Stable Image Platform Program helps ensure that as advancements become available, the transition forward will be easy and organic.
  • A New Way to Power Progress - Intel vPro is also what lets you take advantage of our Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. PoE makes cabling fast and easy while reducing the costs necessary for retrofitting existing installations to support your new mini PCs. With PoE, a single ethernet cable both powers your NUC and allows for lightning-fast data transmission. Between the faster transition and lower overhead this allows, you can save money that can go toward other business needs.

Getting Started

It’s easy to see what is making Intel vPro such a disruptive force in small-form-factor business computers. Like all NUCs, our Intel vPro capable systems come with the customization options you need and are ready for immediate installation by your IT professionals. Our specialists will work with you on tailoring a solution to fit your business needs, and in certain instances, they can even arrange a two-week demo to allow you and your IT staff to do a full hands-on evaluation. That way, you can make an informed decision based on real, first-hand experience.

Revolutionize Your IT Solutions

Now is the time to take your company’s computing into the 21st century, and Intel NUCs with Intel vPro technology is what will make it happen. Browse our online selection of  customizable mini PCs, fill out our contact form, or call us at 801-948-8898. Our specialists will make sure you have the state-of-the-art technology you need to support your business goals. Decide what Intel vPro solution is right for you, and order your mini PCs from EWC Technologies today.

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