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The Desktop is Dead. Long Live the Desktop.

The Desktop is Dead. Long Live the Desktop.

Nov 26, 2019

computer in office workspace

Remember when the desktop made its debut in your home or at your workplace? You felt as though you were beholding a modern marvel. And you most definitely were.

But now, there’s a new kind of computer in town. And it goes by the name of NUC, or the Next Unit of Computing, by Intel®.

We certainly pay homage to the desktop, which has paved the way for the rapid technological advancement we’ve experienced in computing. But if you’re like many computer users in the business world, you’re ready for the new twist that the Form Factor PC provides.

Here’s a rundown on the mini computer vs the desktop and why you should take advantage of the  trailblazing NUC.

The NUC’s History and Current Appeal Among End-Users

The Form Factor PC is basically a self-contained and ultra-small personal computer (PC). You could also describe it as a new laptop without a battery and screen built in. It is available as a readily usable system.

The NUC was born when Intel® several years ago realized that people were not as interested in buying the types of desktop PCs they bought during the 1990s. Intel® thus decided to combine the benefits of desktop computers with laptop computers.  NUC computers were the result of this admittedly successful experiment.

The NUC is increasing in popularity due to striking what users say is the perfect balance between compact design, cost, and processing power. Once you buy a NUC for the business setting, you can easily upgrade its memory and storage via a panel that is removable.

What Makes the Mini Computer Different from the Desktop?

When it comes to a mini computer vs a desktop, the mini computer, or Form Factor PC, stands out from a traditional desktop in that it is essentially a shrunken version of a laptop. This means that its technological footprint is much smaller than that of a desktop. At the same time, it features the latest technologies for increased performance.

The NUC is also unique in that the processor is soldered to its mainboard. Therefore, it is not intended for the user to install, uninstall, or swap out the processor.

Experience the Power of the Intel NUC in Business Today!

If you are interested in elevating your business operations and performance, it makes sense to purchase a machine that itself is known for its robust operations and performance. The Form Factor PC checks all the boxes due to its cutting-edge technology and capabilities.

At  EWC Technologies, we’re proud to offer a wide variety of NUC options designed to suit your needs. In fact, if our technology can serve your particular application, we could even tailor one of our solutions for your business’s requirements. That’s because we have many hardware models with a wide range of options for our customers.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the mini computer vs the desktop and why you should try the Intel NUC desktop in your business today.

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