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How Mini PCs Can Save Your Business Time & Money

How Mini PCs Can Save Your Business Time & Money

Apr 16, 2019

More and more companies are evaluating their needs when it comes to computers for business use and finding that mini PCs are the right answer for their bottom line. Modern mini PCs take full advantage of state-of-the-art technology to provide tailored computing solutions. They’ve earned their place across industries fulfilling a role for everything from computers for business management to complex remote monitoring and control tasks. Whatever your business, there’s a mini PC that’s right for it.

What Is a Mini PC?

What most people call mini PCs are more properly referred to as small form factor PCs. This denotes their diminutive size, but should not be taken to imply shrunken performance. Modern mini computers for business use pack in plenty of full-sized PC capabilities, just in a tiny case, often no larger than a small shoebox.

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) computers, for example, feature top-tier Intel processors. From the reliable Celeron to the super-powered i7 series, you’re getting real power. RAM, storage capacity, and the installed operating system (or lack thereof) can all be customized to fit the needs of the end-user, offering maximum versatility with “name brand” components. The entire NUC mini PC fits in a 4” by 4” case that can be installed practically anywhere, bringing full-sized computing power to the tightest of spaces.

A Mini PC Is One of the Best Computers for Business

An important part of your technology budget is the management of computers for your business operations. Mini PCs aren’t right for every task, but for many computing needs, they can be the perfect choice. From automation to workstations, they can save you time and money, providing the bottom line justification you need to bring your company into the 21st century.

How a Mini PC Can Save You Time

  • Faster Launch and Smoother Rollout - Mini PCs offer you a familiar user and installation experience that you can easily release enterprise-wide. This all-at-once usage prevents duplication of manpower and gets the adoption process over and done with so your whole team can get back to work.
  • Faster Installation - Because mini PCs are lightweight and provide a single, easily managed hardware component, less time is needed for physical installation of the devices. Rather than loading bulky towers onto a cart, making multiple trips to and from your IT management area, a single trip lets a technician move an exponential number of units. Installation doesn’t require wrestling a heavy computer; simply place the NUC and plug it in. Some options even cut down on the necessary cabling time by allowing our Power over Internet (PoE) technology to allow a single-cable plug-in installation.
  • Less Maintenance - As some of the most powerful computers for business, it’s not fair to call NUCs barebones, but they do have fewer components than traditional towers. NUCs are fanless and have only the parts you need to get the best user experience for the tasks at hand.

A circuit board with computing components installed

How Mini PCs Save You Money

  • They Save You Time - The fact that time is money is a truism that can’t be denied. Man hours spent installing, maintaining, and replacing computers for business management all add to your overhead. Lengthy roll-outs that spread increased IT department needs over months instead of weeks can cost you a fortune. When time is money, saving one saves the other.
  • Less Space Is Needed - In a busy office, desk space is often at a premium. Larger computers need larger desks, necessitating the need for more square footage, increasing your real estate costs. In embedded applications, a larger computer may require a product redesign to keep the unit from encroaching on the user's personal space or to fit it into tight spaces on a display or production floor. A smaller space requirement is easier to manage in almost all scenarios.
  • Less Infrastructure - Aside from space, towers often require more cabling needed to get output from and supply input to multiple ports for different functions. NUCs can run with as little as a single cable plugged in, as with our PoE models, without sacrificing the ability to wire for more ports if needed.
  • Lower Energy Costs - Utilities are a “hidden cost” that is not given enough attention when tallying the expense of computers for businesses. NUCs use the latest in chipsets to deliver energy-efficient performance. There are no fans; heat dissipation is engineered into the system; there are fewer components to draw power; and the components used offer a “greener” utilization footprint.
  • Less “Wasted” Technology Costs - Because NUCs are purpose-built for a role, there are fewer components included that you don’t need, reducing the tendency to overpay for your computing power. By customizing your mini PCs, you’re getting computers sufficient for business, but without unneeded components, processors far more powerful than required, or storage space there is no use for.
  • Increased Efficiency - NUCs are streamlined for performance, and that is exactly what they do. Whether you’re embedding them in production machines or using them for your customer service reps when logging onto a virtual desktop, you’re getting a tool built to do the job better. With powerful processors, snappy RAM, and adequate storage, your application will be set up for success.

Big IT Solutions Come in Small Packages

Using mini computers for business is a smart decision that can support not only your targeted tech goals but your company’s bottom line. With their slate of customizable features, there’s an Intel NUC configuration that’s right for your needs. If you have any questions and want to talk to one of our Intel NUC specialists, please fill out our  contact form or call us at (801) 948-8898. They’ll make sure you have the information you need for an informed decision about whether or not Intel NUCs are the best choice as your computers for business and management. Revolutionize your company’s IT with tech from EWC Technologies today.

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