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A Concise Guide to Digital Signage Software Solutions

A Concise Guide to Digital Signage Software Solutions

Jun 6, 2019

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Digital signage plays a huge role in advertising and consumer engagement in the modern world. If you’ve seen those famous colossal billboards in Times Square that look like something straight out of Blade Runner, you’ve encountered only one of the most prominent manifestations of this crucial sub-sector of business tech.

Fortunately for you, there are tons of different digital signage software programs and devices out there that will help you bring a modern, tech-savvy vibe to your advertising campaigns and more. Read on for EWC’s breakdown of everything you need to know about digital signage!

What Is Digital Signage?

“Digital signage” might sound like a pretty complex and specific term, but ultimately it simply refers to anything that projects or displays imagery or text from a screen or other electronic source. You’ve probably used an interactive menu at a restaurant before or seen a showy projection for a new makeup brand at the mall. Both of these situations incorporate digital signage software to engage the consumer.

You might be thinking that this is a broad enough definition to cover a broad range of different areas of the market, and you’d be right on the money. Digital signage is a huge growth industry, with over 200 companies and counting, that produce digital signage solutions for business and private use across the globe. This makes now the perfect time to get your feet wet. No matter what the needs of your business or venture, you can find a digital signage product that will get the job done perfectly. That’s where we can help!

Open Source Digital Signage Software

You might be surprised at how much technology, even of the kind made for business, is available for free or next to nothing. If you’re working on a budget and need something simple, like a menu or a projection for an event, there are tons of open-source digital signage programs you can implement in your project with relative ease and at no cost.  ScreenHubViewneo, and Xibo are all robust examples of digital signage software programs that are totally free to use!

Now, there are a couple of catches: for most open-source programs, you will still have to pay a subscription fee to access all of the features and storage the software offers. And most of this stuff isn’t meant to be used for throwing up advertisements the size of the ones in Times Square. For bigger projects, you’ll need to shell out for some seriously powerful products. But if you’re an entrepreneur that needs something quick and simple, open source digital signage software is absolutely the way to go.

Digital Signage Projectors

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The content of your digital signage is obviously paramount, but the way you choose to project it, and in which location, are obviously vital details as well. From gigantic laser projectors to humble plastic stands, there are tons of solutions out there for your digital signage hardware needs.

Doing a little research on which companies create which kinds of projectors and hardware can save you a world of hassle. For example, NEC Display Solutions tends to deal largely in laser projection, whereas Touch Innovations, as their name implies, mainly makes interactive kiosks and DJ technology. Digital signage software and hardware are just as important as one another, so don’t be afraid to dive in head-first and see what’s out there!

If you find the sprawl of options somewhat intimidating, we’ve found that  Digital Signage Today can be an invaluable resource for helping you navigate your way through this realm. From rundowns on digital signage news to hardware appraisals based on type and company, they’re a phenomenal hub of information on the ins and outs of digital signage software and beyond that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Finally, here are just a few basic tips to help you get the most out of your endeavors with digital signage.

  • Always maintain a sense of scale. Different kinds of software and projectors are going to be best at filling different kinds of needs.
  • Consider getting a designer or enlisting a designer on staff to help you plan your display. Someone who really knows how to catch the eye is going to be able to make the best work out of whatever digital signage software you end up going with.
  • Keep it simple! Don’t go overboard with your new toys and throw a head-spinning number of options at your users. Make sure that whatever digital signage solutions you choose are as convenient for your target audience as they are for you.

No matter what your needs regarding your project or business venture, you can get the most out of your digital signage software with an  NUC computer from EWC technologies. They don’t call these packages the Next Unit of Computing for nothing: our hard drives carry an immense level of computational power in a conveniently tiny package, and they allow for an almost infinite level of customization of keyboards, display monitors, software, and more that will work with our systems. Whether you’re going open source or bringing in the big guns, any type of digital signage software you choose to use will run like a dream on one of our NUCs.

If you’d like to know more about our tiny custom computers, check out our  FAQ or feel free to get in touch with us and get the scoop directly. For all the latest news you need to know in the world of emerging technology, keep up with our blog and never let another trend or tidbit pass you by. And for NUCs that are powerful, affordable, and versatile, stick with EWC Technologies for everything you need to help run your digital signage software solutions and beyond!

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