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7 Things You Can Do With the Desk Space You Just Cleared With Your Small Form Factor Desktop Computer

7 Things You Can Do With the Desk Space You Just Cleared With Your Small Form Factor Desktop Computer

Aug 12, 2019

So, you finally invested in a small form factor desktop PC and you’re probably wondering what to do with all this new space on your desk. It probably feels like you could set up a sleeping tent on your desk now. OK, maybe it’s not that much space. But, it’s still a lot more than you had before. You should probably think about how you can use the space to optimize productivity. Here are some ideas for taking your workspace to the next level:

1. Keep It Clear

Clutter is the enemy of productivity. A clean and clear workspace can do wonders for your mental state and help you to get more done. After all, you got the small form factor desktop PC, so you could clear up your desk. Why would you ruin your desk real estate with a different kind of clutter? Keeping it clear of unnecessary items is always a great option.

2. Organize Existing Content

A woman engrossed in thinking

If your full-sized PC was encroaching on the space of other items, now might be a good time to arrange the contents of your desk more efficiently. This may include sorting documents by type or project. You might also want to add an organization tray to keep everything in order. When you know where everything is, you won’t need to waste time searching for things.

3. Add a Printer

Maybe you’ve been traveling to other rooms to access a printer because previously your desk simply couldn’t accommodate one. A small printer in your new found space could be incredibly convenient and save you lots of walking time each day. Be sure to measure the space before selecting a printer.

4. Host Small Meetings

People in meetings

A small form factor desktop computer could help you completely overhaul your workstyle. Now you can accommodate one-on-one meetings without scrambling to clear some space. This can be incredibly convenient for collaborating with coworkers on the fly. No need to reserve a conference room for a two-person meeting again.

5. Keep it Clear

Did we say that again? Well, it’s a pretty great idea. Why clutter your desk unnecessarily? Say “no” to junk and “yes” to a clear workspace. Good desk hygiene promotes better focus and reduces stress.

6. Create a Personal Space

A work diary kept on table

This new space could be just what you need to make your desk a bit homier. Whether it’s a small plant or a picture of a loved one, adding small personal touches to your desk could make your desk more comfortable for work and help you stay productive during those long days.

7. Create a Charging Station

Are you sick of needing to route charging cables through a maze just to charge your phone? Do you spend a few minutes every day under your desk trying to find an electrical outlet? Now that you have a small form factor desktop computer, you have plenty of space to set up a convenient charging station. With a charging station, you can keep all your electronics plugged up and easily accessible with a small power strip or a portable battery.

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