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4 Essential Reasons to Let Go of Your Desktop

4 Essential Reasons to Let Go of Your Desktop

Apr 20, 2020

At the core of every tech hub – whether it’s a constellation of shared workstations or your personal home office – is the computer. From CEOs to gamers and everyone in between, this space is essentially a zone that must be efficient, intuitive, and geared for optimal productivity. Making the most of this space is essential, not only when it comes to maximizing power, but also to execute your unique workflow. For many, the centerpiece of the workstation is the desktop – but innovative technologies like the Intel NUC PC have challenged this idea. Read on to discover how adopting more cutting-edge tech can transform the way you work, and why it might be time to let your desktop go.

Frustrated Employee with Desktop Computer

1. Your Desktop Is Taking Up Too Much Space

Setting nostalgic attachments aside, let’s face it: while your classic PC made sense when that was the only technology available, it’s now taking up more than its fair share of your professional or home office real estate. The Intel NUC vs Desktop PC debate has been largely defined by size: measuring just a few inches, an Intel NUC PC is infinitely smaller than a traditional desktop set-up. While it may sound simple, sloughing your desktop for a more streamlined NUC desktop alternative is a way to save space, leaving more room to create the ideal work environment.

2. It’s Using Too Much Power

Of course, the ideal workspace isn’t just minimalist, it’s also energy-efficient. Compared to traditional desktops, Intel NUC PCs offer an impressive degree of computing capacity while reducing overall energy needs. This can translate into major savings when it comes to energy costs, an important factor for any business.

EWC Tech Intel NUC PC

3. It’s Too Expensive

Beyond the lower energy consumed by an Intel NUC vs Desktop PC, there are other costs to consider. First, the up-front cost of an Intel NUC PC is significantly lower than a traditional desktop. Second, most desktops require a number of accessories, whereas a NUC desktop set-up is designed for streamlined simplicity with minimal wiring. Third, replacement parts for desktops can get expensive fast, whereas NUC PCs are not only warranty-backed but also far less expensive to repair.

4. It’s Outdated and Inefficient

Contemporary Office

From overall efficiency to strategic cost and energy reduction, replacing your old PC with an Intel NUC PC can be an ideal way to upgrade your work setting. Whatever your business, EWC Technologies offers a number of NUC desktop alternatives with customizable RAM, storage, and operating systems to uniquely suit a variety of professional applications.

Ultimately, with a smaller size and lower overall power consumption, opting for Intel NUC vs Desktop PC can transform the way you work. To request a risk-free, no-obligation demo, or to learn more about our latest products, we encourage you to contact our customer service team at 1-801-948-8898, or reach us by email at We look forward to helping you find the ideal Intel NUC PC solutions for you.

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