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Small PC Feasibility

NUCs are quickly changing the way that companies think about their technology infrastructure due to their low overhead cost, maintenance, and energy.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connections enable quick installation with minimal wiring, and the cost savings on energy is significant. Built from the ground up in partnership with Intel and Cisco, these tiny computers are putting computing power where it’s needed most at a very reasonable cost.

While this is relatively new technology, companies of all kinds have reported using these devices to revolutionize the way they work. Hospitals and clinics use them to power and control nursing stations. Construction and utility companies use them in vehicles. Advertising firms have used them for digital signage. And the potential applications for this technology will only continue to grow.

Custom Specs for NUC Tiny Computers

Choose the RAM, storage, and operating system for your small PC that will best suit your needs. From the Sixth Generation EWC NUC6 Celeron with 2GB DDR3L RAM up to the Eighth Generation EWC NUC8 i7 with up to 32GB DDR4L, these innovations will take your business to the next level.

Complete Solutions & Support

We know ready-to-go solutions that maximize space and minimize costs are critical to your business. We’re standing by to help with an outstanding warranty and exceptional support backed by Intel, and our complete support services will have your small PCs repaired or replaced quickly.

Contact us for direct support, to schedule a no-obligation two-week demo, or to connect with an expert for help finding the most effective computing solution for your needs.

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