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EWC NUC i5 with vPro

From enterprise to small and medium business, university computing labs to call centers, the Intel NUC is driving new models of computing in small spaces. The new Intel NUC NUC i5 with vPro is powered by the Intel Core i5-5300U processor, providing an ideal combination of performance and reliability for usages where downtime isn’t an option. Intel vPro technology helps you manage remote service aspects such as updates and troubleshooting of stations in larger or offsite deployments. The advanced capabilities of the Intel Core i5 vPro processor offers plenty of performance to run all of your typical business applications and more. With multiple display and 4K display support this NUC is also an ideal device for digital signage with video analytics, digital kiosk, intelligent vending, or PC replacement.  A serial port option to connect legacy embedded devices means that you can customize the Intel NUC for a wide-range of usages, including POS systems. A replaceable lid further extends options for customization and personalization, enabling third-party innovation and new usage models with, Wireless Charging, NFC and USB port expansion. The EWC NUC i5 with vPro has the option to install a 2.5" HDD or an M.2 SSD. The choice gives your customers options to store all their files locally or take advantage of the fast, power-efficient M.2 for boot and add a second drive or storage.